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Interesting Collectables of New Zealand
Souvenir China, Mineral Water Bottles & history, Antique Telephones.



Auckland Aerated Water Co.

George Gledhill started in the 1859 and traded under his name until 1881, operating from the corner of Wellesly & Albert Streets,  when he changed to the wholesale trade. In 1888 the business reverted to trading as George Gledhill.

The figures below are taken from a price list dated February 1st 1881.

Ice in large quantities                                        3d per lb.
Aerated waters, lemonade, raspberryade, tonic water            1/3d per dozen
Cordials, lemon, peppermint, clove, raspberry                          15/0 per dozen
Ginger wine                                                                                    1/4/0

4 shillings in the pound, or 20% discount, will be allowed off the above prices for cash, or if the account is paid on or before the 15th day of each month. Country customers will be supplied at the above prices but all packing, cases and bottles will be charged for and a reasonable allowance will be made for cases when returned, according to their condition. Bottles and stoppers, when returned, will be allowed for at market prices. 

George Gledhill had several patents on various bottles:
7 oz & 10 oz codds - rated A
7 oz & 10 oz grooved lamonts rated A

George Gledhills trade mark was a horse with the letters GG superimposed.