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Interesting Collectables of New Zealand
Souvenir China, Mineral Water Bottles & history, Antique Telephones.



BT1h.JPG (306960 bytes)BT1b.gif (680297 bytes)BT1c.JPG (300878 bytes)The directions as to how to talk were covering the most revealing part. Both "BLAKE TRANSMITTER" and "FOR EXPORT ... ??? NOT LICENSED UNDER ANY US PATENT" are both stamped into the wood.


BT1d.JPG (279301 bytes)BT1e.JPG (282257 bytes)BT1f.JPG (309910 bytes)The earpiece. Notice the very unusual coupling shown first in the "in use'`position.


BT1j.JPG (286393 bytes)BT1k.JPG (308376 bytes)

The interior of the 2 boxes, all completely original.


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