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Interesting Collectables of New Zealand
Souvenir China, Mineral Water Bottles & history, Antique Telephones.



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All prices  are in NZ$ and include postage and packing within New Zealand.                                  

1906 chch 1a.JPG (50521 bytes)1906 chch 1b.JPG (90171 bytes)1906 Christchurch Exhibition Cigar Tray. Item 1.



1906 chch 2a.JPG (90147 bytes)A lovely example of a rare 1906 Exhibition piece. $140. Item 2



1906 chch 3a.JPG (69814 bytes)Another 1906 piece, miniature watering can. $140. Item 3.




1906 Chch exhib 4a.JPG (92326 bytes)1906 Christchurch Exhibition bread & butter plate. $65 2 available.  Items 4 & 5
(If anybody knows the maker of this piece please let me know as I have 3 Te Aroha pieces very similar)

1925 dunedin 1a.JPG (42666 bytes)Grafton china BAJ & Sons made for John Bates & Co.JPG (88272 bytes)1925-26 Dunedin Exhibition. A lovely gold rimmed Grafton china manufactured by BAJ & Sons, England for John Bates & Co Ltd, Christchurch, NZ $75. Item 37


38.jpg (60058 bytes)A beautiful and rarely seen example of a baby's feeding bowl. In mint condition. Mark is Grimwades. $130.00. Item 38


50.jpg (44400 bytes)1940 Centenial cream & brown butter pat dish by H&K, Tunstall. Slight wear on face markings. $30. Item 50


51.jpg (40334 bytes)
1940 Centenial bread & butter plate. $35. Item 51



1940 Cent coupe tunstall.JPG (94544 bytes)1940 Centenial, cream & brown coupe manufactured by H&K, Tunstall. $40



1940 Cent csp tunstall 1b.JPG (90618 bytes)1940 Centenial cup, saucer & plate in excellent condition. Manufactured by H&K, Tunstall. $95. 2 sets available. Items 8 & 39.


52a.JPG (44931 bytes)52b.JPG (90417 bytes)J & G Meakin, potters at Hanley, Staffordshire, England since 1851. During the 1920's - 1950's every married couple got one or two Meakin dinnersets as a wedding present. It was the everyday china for common useage. But, there were some more unique pieces made as well and this is one of them. This was one of Meakins first forays into the souvenir china field and since then they have produced a lot of "Royal' souvenir china. $49. Item 52.

45a.JPG (47730 bytes)45b.JPG (47846 bytes)45c.JPG (42903 bytes)What would have been one of the last of the Austrian/German range of souvenir pottery which had been coming into New Zealand for 50 years. In mint condition. $55. Item 45.


42a.JPG (60363 bytes)42b.JPG (89209 bytes)42c.JPG (90196 bytes)Royal Bayreuth piece showing the Auckland Town Hall. This lovely twin handle jug has the most delicate of colours & shading. Small crack from top rim which can be clearly seen on exploded photo 2. At $95 the price reflects the damage. Item 42.

auck lib 1a.JPG (26278 bytes)Auckland Library. As it was, is now the Art gallery. A lovely fluted cup & saucer by Grafton $75



auck th 1a.JPG (25283 bytes)Auck th 2a.JPG (32451 bytes)Auckland Town Hall    1) Royal Stafford China dish $25  2) Royal Stafford China dish $25



cambridge 1a.JPG (48127 bytes)Lake Grounds, Cambridge. Lustre creamer 130cm tall. Made in Austria $65




41a.JPG (95425 bytes)41b.JPG (91316 bytes)Christchurch, Avon at Fendalton urn. $80. Item 41



48a.JPG (72079 bytes)48b.JPG (66763 bytes)48c.JPG (47071 bytes)48d.JPG (46428 bytes)At first appearance a Ridgway bowl, but no it is stamped "Excella". And, it wasn't just glass that was engraved - photo 2 clearly shows "Souvenir of N.Z.S.S. Exhibition 1925-26" engraved on the side. There are 2 differnt views of Dunedin. Unique. $95

clyde 1a.JPG (92148 bytes)clyde 1b.JPG (90273 bytes)clyde 1c.JPG (87816 bytes)Clyde creamer, 110cm tall. $50



Dunedin cs Ridgway 1.JPG (89567 bytes)Dunedin. Ridgway cup & saucer. $50



54a.JPG (48962 bytes)54b.JPG (91888 bytes)Manufactured by the Carl Schumann Porcelain Factory founded in 1881 who are known for their pierced border "ribbon plates". Most of the production from this factory went to USA and very few pieces are known in NZ. $85. Item 54

43a.JPG (42854 bytes)43b.JPG (94518 bytes)This otherwise perfect piece of Shelley has a small chip (see top right corner of photo) to the inside rim. $45. Item 43.



40a.JPG (88019 bytes)40b.JPG (90052 bytes)Hinemoa House, Parakai. No markings although obviously Austrian/German origin. I can remember my grandmother going to stay at Hinemoa House to "take the waters" for her athritis. $45. Item 40.


61a.JPG (90543 bytes)61b.JPG (93934 bytes)61c.JPG (94895 bytes)??? From a distance & at a quick glance a piece of Bayreuth but very quickly one sees it is not. However quite a good imitation but unusual in that the it is painted all over on the bottom leaving no clear room for firing. It has been broken & repaired (see photo 3) but the quality of the transfer, the painting & the style all place it as a very early piece. Shows the Invercargill Post Office. $45. Item 61

60.jpg (61509 bytes)A miniature, miniature urn showing the gardens at Invercargill. There is just enough room on the base for the Grafton China mark. $25. Item 60



helensville hinemoa 1a.JPG (91990 bytes)Helensville, Hinemoa House. Sugar bowl. IBC, Czechoslavakia $30



63.jpg (96135 bytes)The last dieing days of souvenir china in NZ saw this range produced by Crown Lynn. Most of it is unmarked and normally attributed to England. $49. Item 63


53.jpg (48293 bytes)It is a sad fact of life that most people, including many dealers, dismiss Souvenir China as the "junk trade" of china. Why then do we have such beautiful pieces as this scenic view plate of Mt Egmont produced by Royal Doulton? In the USA one of the biggest producers of souvenir plates was Wedgewood. The fact is there is such a limited availability, and a huge lack of knowledge. This would be a fitting piece in anybodys collection. $135. Item 53.


mt egmont 1a.JPG (34208 bytes)Mt Egmont, Taranaki. 150cm fluted edge. Trivet? Cheese dish? A nice piece made in Czechoslavakia, RKG marking. $75



59.jpg (52443 bytes)Typical flute edged dish with the RKG Austria mark. $45. Item 59.



46a.JPG (38478 bytes)46b.JPG (94533 bytes)Royal Winton by Grimwades - what better pedigree could a souvenir plate have? The engraving & hand work on these plates is superb. Although not evident on this example the lettering was all hand applied. $120. Item 46


Napier Fish Grafton China.JPG (95659 bytes)Napier Fish Grafton China a.JPG (97743 bytes)Napier, Grafton China with city coat of arms. $30



62a.JPG (72374 bytes)What I call the beginning of the "tacky era" of souvenir ware in the 50' & 60's when china cabinets were so popular cup, saucer & plate sets were essential to fill them up. The quality & workmanship, even though it is English Bone China, is just not the same as pre World War 2. This set shows Pukekura Park & Mt Egmont and the b&b plate has the older mark on it. $35. Item 62

Oamaru plate 1a.JPG (90545 bytes)Oamaru plate 1b.JPG (94466 bytes)Oamaru, Thames St looking South. Bread & butter plate. $35



55a.JPG (65687 bytes)55b.JPG (93114 bytes)Oamaru, Thames St looking South, oops a touch of deja vu. Typical of that era, jam dish, butter dish, ??? $35. Item 55.


Rotorua fluted coupe Ridgeway 1a.JPG (95278 bytes)Rotorua fluted coupe Ridgeway 1b.JPG (88727 bytes)Rotorua, fluted edge Ridgway coupe. $45. Item 23.



rotorua 1a.JPG (33796 bytes)rotorua 1b.JPG (90226 bytes)rotorua 1c.JPG (93928 bytes)Rotorua, Royal Stafford cup & saucer showing 2 different views. $65. Item 22.



Rotorua Ohinemutu Shelley trivet 1.JPG (92233 bytes)Rotorua Ohinemutu Shelley trivet 1a.JPG (94973 bytes)Rotorua, Ohinemutu. Shelley trivet in excellent condition. $75. Item 26


57a.JPG (98092 bytes)57b.JPG (97661 bytes)Extremely scarce & collectable these days - glass ashtrays. $65. Item 57.


58a.JPG (95726 bytes)58b.JPG (97695 bytes)They are different, although both are showing Rotorua environ scenes. Obviously from a non smoking house. $65. Item 58.


47.jpg (93398 bytes)A turn of the century creamer showing the Blue Lake, Tikitapu in Rotorua. $90. Item 47



Russell Crown Devon cs 1.JPG (93888 bytes)Russell Crown Devon cs 1a.JPG (91933 bytes)Crown Devon showing the typical crazing in the glazing. Quite acceptable for this era. Very detailed views of Russell. $75. Item 27.


Russell Crown Devon csp 1.JPG (92462 bytes)Russell Crown Devon csp 1a.JPG (91298 bytes)Russell Crown Devon csp 1 plate .JPG (96801 bytes)In absolute mint condition this Crown Devon set is worthy of close inspection. $95. Item 28



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