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Interesting Collectables of New Zealand
Souvenir China, Mineral Water Bottles & history, Antique Telephones.



Photos, mainly of my personal collection. For historical information about Grey & Menzies Ltd click here. Specific information on some of the different styles of bottles can be found by clicking the hyperlinks - codds, internal threads, ginger beers, amber crown tops, green crown tops, clear crown tops, syphons, crocks

G&M soda green.jpg (33159 bytes)GB salt glaze.jpg (30775 bytes)AKG&Mamethyst codda.JPG (26475 bytes)G&M internal amber.jpg (24628 bytes)When I first started collecting Grey & Menzies bottles I was told that they were regarded as the "the most common of all", a bit like the 4d stamp, so many around its hardly worthwhile. I think the 4 bottles on the left illustrate that there are some very unusual G&M bottles. As yet, I don't own any of these, thats a pleasure yet to come.




G&M codds.jpg (44302 bytes)G&M internal thread.jpg (42474 bytes)G&M crown UK early.jpg (49594 bytes)G&M crown colors.jpg (49101 bytes)G&M screw tops.jpg (39249 bytes)





Codds, internal threads, UK crown tops, coloreds, screw tops.

40a.JPG (65225 bytes)G&M ginger beer.jpg (48017 bytes)G&M soda round.jpg (24760 bytes)G&M soda stand.jpg (29030 bytes)And then there's the clays & the soda syphons! I have just seen another clay GB. So far I have 6 different syphons, including a beautiful pink one, (or in the American terms Seltzers) but all with the same engraving - I'm told there are variations here, and I know of 3 different crocks. 

Someone told me recently there are 36 different varieties of Codds alone.

Token 1d face.jpg (25943 bytes)Token 1d obverse.jpg (21856 bytes)Token face.jpg (29448 bytes)Token obverse.jpg (21512 bytes)
The latest find in the Grey & Menzies collection are these tokens. I am awaiting specific information to date these but semi reliable info says that the left hand side is the earlier and is referred to as a 1d token. There is a bit of contention whether the face illustrated is of John Grey or Richard Seddon. Click to see full size image.

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